About us

Lemon Tartwork is the sweet expression of the artist known to all as @madge.padge.a of Fargo, ND. This young, energetic, and enterprising entrepreneur creates quirky, squishy and refreshing designs that appeal to the sophisticated understanding of the adolescent mind, which translates into fun for all ages and tastes! Each design was hand crafted with meticulous attention to sweetness, sourness, and awesomeness. Madge is also the proud supporter and commissioned artist for the band TopHouse, an up-and-coming trio from Montana, with an eclectic repertoire influenced by the likes of Mumford and Sons, The Lumineeers, The Allman Brothers Band, Kings of Leon, and Needtobreathe.

So take a gander, buy some merch, share your feels and anything you might like to see recognized on a tee or a mug. Thanks for stopping by!

Owned and operated by Fargoteez. In Fargo, ND. Believe it. T-shirtz with a zed.